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Too funny when I think of  the word “tart” I think of the http://www.dictionary.com/browse/tart definition… “prostitute,” 1887, from earlier use as a term of endearment to a girl or woman (1864), sometimes said to be a shortening of sweetheart. But another theory traces it to jam-tart (see tart (n.1)), which was British slang early 19c. for “attractive woman.”

But I see that wordpress prompt sees it as http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/tart1 : a dish baked in a pastry shell : a small pie or pastry shell without a top containing jelly, custard, or fruit : a small pie made of pastry folded over a filling.

Why when I see or hear the word ‘tart” I think of the prostitute definition? Well it has to do with my childhood, teen years to be exact. For some unknown reason my sisters used to call each other “tarts”. I don’t know what started it or why they used the word tart so often but when I saw the word “tart” in the daily prompt. I could almost hear them in my mind.

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