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I am going to link this post to the non-working daily post prompt embarrassing. well just because it is embarrassing to have a daily post ping back thing that does not work and also I have a side story on an embarrassing encounter today.

My side story “embarrassing” isn’t so much me being embarrassed but I have to laugh at this… I went or should I say almost went to a job interview. It was an interview for a company where the employee would be using a computer for their job.

Part of the “interview” process was for the future employee to use a computer to fill out an application (which is moronic because the company already had employment history via resume) and this application was lame, it actually asked what grade/grammar school the applicant went to. SERIOUSLY! please, does it matter where I went to first grade? Heck does it even matter where I went to high school… all that matters is did I graduate high school or do I have a  GED. If the answer is YES then who cares where I went and seriously if I can do the job and do it well isn’t that all that really matters. High school doesn’t teach Pre-press work, kids. :)

High school doesn’t teach a lot of stuff, pre-press is among that.

There are some wildly successful people that didn’t finish high school, such as

Tumblr founder David Karp dropped out of high school at the age of 15
The Virgin Group founder Richard Branson dropped out of high school at 15
Joe Lewis dropped out at 15 to run his father’s catering business, Tavistock Banqueting,
Mike Hudack who he founded Blip.tv dropped out at 16
Philip Emeagwali came up with the formula for allowing a large number of computers to communicate at once dropped out at 13.
Oscar winner Quentin Tarantino dropped out at 15
The owner of Christie’s Auction House Francois Pinault dropped out at 11
David H. Murdock self-made billionaire businessman dropped out at 14
James H. Clark self-made billionaire American businessman and co-founder of Netscape dropped dropped out at 16

Not that I am suggesting anyone NOT finish high school, because in today’s “you have to at least have a high school if not college diploma work force you would be really limiting your possibility of employment. But I think business needs to take a second look at high school and college diplomas as a per-requisite of employment. There are so many amazingly smart people out there that don’t fit into the school environment and business needs to realize that intelligence and the ability to learn what the business needs is much more important that a diploma.