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I recently got a job in retail. My job is to greet customers, ask them what they are looking for or what their problem is and help them find the item or help solve their problem then thank them for shopping at the store.

So just because I walk up to you, smile and inquire about why you are in the store today, does not mean I want to date you,  have you touch me or have you hold on to my arm.

I don’t really understand why it is that many men seem to think that it is fine for them to flirt, hit on, or even touch me. I wear a wedding ring on my left hand. It is fairly large, easy to notice. Where do they get the idea that just because I am working at a store they happen to be in that I am”up for grabs”.

Part of my job is to be friendly, it was/is a prerequisite for getting hired.

I wonder if women do the same thing to male store associates… I have no idea.