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Have you ever noticed that a lot of really mean and nasty people have a lot of friends. I don’t really understand this and perhaps there is someone out there that would like to take the time to explain to me why this is. But seriously, I have seen it happen over and over some really mean people being awash with friends. One would think that people would want to be friends with really nice people not mean nasty hateful people who belittle and mock everyone but nope, that does not seem to be how things work or at least for many of the mean.

Recently I heard about a just awfully nasty person having a health issue and everyone flocked to send well wishes and such. Everyone seemed to instantly forgive all forms of hateful nasty stuff this person did and now suddenly they seem to be some kind of angel. So weird. Why is it that when someone becomes deathly ill, or even dies, some how all the mean and nasty things they did in their life just disappear in other people’s eyes?

I find this odd. Does everyone just forget or are they afraid to mention it? Perhaps they all remember every hateful word out of this person’s mouth and because everyone else is saying something nice, they feel they have to too. Is it another way people just try to fit in, not “rock the boat” as they say?

Is it possible that every one of the people saying nice things is really thinking how evil the person was?