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Ok, I am glad this weekend is over. I had to go to a party at a restaurant. I am not much of a “party” person but I hate restaurant parties in particular. There is always a lot of confusion and it takes people forever to order their food. Though they have told the waitress to give them more time, each time she leaves they wonder why it takes her so long to come back, then they ask for more time again. Once the orders are finally placed, they all complain about how long it is taking the food to come.

Think about it people, they have to actually cook your food. A restaurant is not some kind of fast food place with your food just waiting for you to actually order it. NO, they have to cook it AFTER you order it. Perhaps this is why it takes so long to make. Perhaps if you had some idea of what you wanted to order and took just a few moments early on to place that order, then start chatting about this and that your food would be ready when you want it.

I feel sorry for the wait staff during restaurant parties. It must be just awful for them, coming and going and coming back and going again and having everyone at the table not read what comes with the meal and having to tell each one individually because they of course were not listening to what you said when you told the last person… ah, so glad I don’t work in a restaurant.

The whole thing was weird in general but one thing that stuck out in particular for me was the woman who told me she hung her purse on her chair. Really, well good for you. Why would I care where she put her purse? Was this some kind of instruction on where others should put their purse? Really lady who the heck cares and why are you telling me this. Is this some new purse rule in restaurants, no purses on the floor they have to hang from the chair? Insane.

And don’t get me started about the butter.  During dinner the purse queen wanted to know if the restaurant was serving real butter or margarine. Seriously, who the hell cares? So then there was a long discussion about whether the spread was in fact whipped butter or margarine. Someone asks me what I think and I say, I don’t think it is butter, it tastes like yellow Crisco, too greasy to be butter. I go ahead and use it since I don’t really care. Then there seems to be a feeling of alarm as if YIKES it is margarine and I ate it. I say, “you know this isn’t the first time in my life that I have eaten margarine.” Seriously who the heck cares, I mean if you think eating at a restaurant is going to be healthy and wholesome, you are going to be in for a bit surprise. Guess what kids restaurant food is not particularly good for you and often times they use cheaper ingredients than you would.

Besides the “butter” issue there was a whole discussion on why there was no bread on the table when we sat down and how “real” restaurant always have bread. Damn-it this is a FREAK’N steak house with pictures of old western actors on the walls, it is not a freak’n gourmet restaurant! If you want gourmet food and impeccable service don’t go to a cowboy steak house!

Once the dreaded restaurant party was over, everyone was suppose to go back to the party person’s house for cake, and it was suppose to be homemade and brought by one of the other guests. Guess what, there was no homemade cake because the “cake” guest’s friend (and ride) decided it was better to stop at Starbucks to get coffee. Of course “cake” guest’s ride was also the queen of where people should put purses and a person who had already dropped of a large and not very good tasting store bought cake. Hum wonder why coffee was more important than homemade cake, I am guessing because if homemade cake made it to the party no one would have eaten poor purse queen’s store bought cake. Funny how things like that just happen to happen.

Poor homemade cake guy is now stuck with a giant homemade cake and no one to eat it since it is sitting at his house and the party isn’t at his house. Well, hope he enjoys cake a LOT because he is going to have a lot of cake to eat.

The saddest part about the whole ordeal is purse queen is going to be around a lot more and I am going to have to figure out a way to deal with her. I seem to meet a lot of people these days that seem to think their way is the ONLY way. Why is that, why is it that some people don’t seem to know that there is “more than one way to skin a cat”?

I have to wonder, how do they think the entire world survived before they arrived to tell us all how to live our lives. Do they really believe theirs is the only way? And how would they like it if someone else tried to tell them how to live their life?