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I don’t tell people things about me. I keep myself pretty private. I have found that most people can’t keep things to themselves. They share it, they tell someone and once someone “knows” something about you it changes the way they think about you forever.

I don’t usually “share” things about others. I figure if they want people to know they will tell them. It isn’t my place to be telling someone’s private business to anyone else so why do people feel it is OK to share my private business with others?

So why did I make this blog to share my personal secrets with anyone who happens by? I don’t know. I just know that sometimes I just want to say things and I don’t know anyone safe to say them to. Is a public blog a safe place to share, probably not but in my opinion it is safer than telling some “friend” that is going to share it with anyone they feel like sharing it with.

So here I am, typing random nothingnesses and you know what, if feels good. :)