OK Seriously, Who do we think we are kidding?


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I heard on the news there was another school shooting… also saw 13 reasons canceled their premier event AKA party. Now I am not blaming 13 Reasons Why or any other show in particular but it got me to thinking and I have to say REALLY for how long are we going to try to pretend that what people see on TV and in Movies does not effect what they do and if you are quick to jump on the “there is NO WAY’ band wagon just take a moment to think of how many people got a stupid “my bangs are growing out” haircut after they saw Rachel on Friends, not to mention all the other TV inspired fashion.

And don’t get me started on TV catchphrases and such. People change the way they dress, how they talk and even what they eat and drink due to something they have seen on TV or in the movies. They do it all the time…. look at how you dress now, are you dressing this way…. is your house decorated as it is…. and what about the car you drive, how did you ever know any of these things were out there??? did you perhaps see them on TV, in a Movie or did you just happen chance on them. What about the popular music, where did you here it…. how did you know it was out there?

And seriously, do you think companies would  be spending billions on advertising if it didn’t effect people at all. Well I can tell you for sure NO

I do have to add social media and the internet in general they are now in the mix as well. But seriously, why does society NOT hold any of these TV, Movies, internet sites at all accountable for how they influence and change society and how they make something that used to be SHOCKING and UNACCEPTABLE behavior now just common day?

I am telling you to think about it, if you see something that is portrayed over and over as “normal” whether in real life or the virtual life of the media people begin to see it as normal… even if it isn’t.

Think about it…. really think about it!